Mother and daughter go to a restaurant and realize that they are short-staffed: they go to work in the kitchen and help out the waitress

by Mark Bennett

September 10, 2022

Mother and daughter go to a restaurant and realize that they are short-staffed: they go to work in the kitchen and help out the waitress

In big cities it is easy to find a place where you can eat at any time, but unfortunately the economic crisis that has hit many businesses which are now having trouble staying open and guaranteeing the salaries for all their employees.

A diner in Texas, United States, is experiencing this situation, but for one night it received support and help from a group of complete strangers who wanted to have a meal, but who, once inside, realized there was a staff shortage.

via Facebook - Sylvia Arredondo


My mom and her girls! ❤️❤️❤️

Pubblicato da Sylvia Arredondo su Lunedì 22 agosto 2022

Young Sylvia Arredondo recounted her unusual evening in a long post on Facebook: "After a concert last night, we decided to go and eat. It was about 11pm and the only place we thought was open was a nearby diner. To our surprise, it was closed because it didn't have any staff. So we went to another place down the street. We went in, but one side of the dining room was closed. The other wasn't too full, but there were people waiting for seating," said Sylvia. A man approached them saying, "I hope you are not in a hurry. There is only one waitress and a cook on duty. My wife used to work in a restaurant and so she has decided to help and is seating people."

The woman came over to seat them. "Another lady, who clearly didn't work there, started taking our orders. She told us she didn't have a clue what she was doing, she was just trying to help. The one waitress present tried to call the manager several times, but without getting an answer: he was in tears," continued the young woman.

At this point, Sylvia and her mother realized they had to help: "My mother and I looked at each other for a second and, without hesitation, we went into the kitchen. The waitress and the cook were young university students. My mother improvised an assistant cook and myself as a waitress. Another couple joined us and began to serve and clean the tables, while another gentleman took care of washing the dishes".


After the concert last night we decided to go eat. It was a little after 11 or so and the only place we thought would be...

Pubblicato da Sylvia Arredondo su Martedì 23 agosto 2022

None of those present knew exactly what they were doing. Any of them could have left, like so many others had. Still, this group of strangers remained to help. Why? “We just knew that this the young girl and this young man had turned up to earn a salary, and we were all determined not to let them down!” commented Sylvia.

The night continued like a real party. "At one point, we even said to someone: "I know it's not what you ordered, but it's food and if you're hungry, you'll eat it! "Nobody dared to argue with us, as we couldn't be fired. !", explained Sylvia. At 3am in the morning, the place finished its night shift. All the strangers and the two employees hugged and thanked each other.

"As you can imagine, by then we were no longer hungry. We sat down to catch our breath and my mother's eyes filled with tears, and soon mine did too. It was a very touching moment. We take so many things for granted. These two young adults were just trying to do their job and they were let down by many other staff members. Our hearts ached for them. It was so moving to see that others made themselves available to help and do the right thing," concluded Sylvia.

This was an act of generosity that moved the entire web and heartened those who read about it. The world is full of wonderful people and this gives us hope.