Mother of 4 children is struggling: her landlord foregoes her rent and buys her family groceries

Mark Bennett

February 04, 2023

Mother of 4 children is struggling: her landlord foregoes her rent and buys her family groceries

Every person, every couple, every parent goes through difficult times in their lives. If you're lucky enough to have the right people by your side, hopefully, everything will work out for the best, but things can get complicated when you're on your own. In such cases, we usually hope that the future will be better, or that a guardian angel will help us.

And this is what happened to the subject of this story, who, thanks to a man with a big heart, managed to overcome a very critical situation in her everyday life. Here is the story:

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Christina Marie lives in Saginaw, Michigan and is a mother of 4 children. In a period of great economic difficulty, Christina had a very special person by her side who, instead of ignoring her, decided to extend a hand and help out. If you are thinking it was a parent, partner or any other family member, you would be wrong.

It was the owner of the house (landlord) where Christina lived, Alan, who helped her and her children. The man, knowing of the situation in which the young woman was in, did something special. "My landlord called me and told me not to worry about the rent this month. He reassured me that we will deal with it later. Shortly afterward, he asked me if I needed something to eat and I told him that we were a little short on supplies and that I would be going shopping shortly," Christina said.

The conversation then ended and only a few hours later, Christina received another message in which Alan told her to look out on the porch of the house.

SOOO My landlord Alan called me earlier and told me not to worry about rent this month and we will worry about it later...

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Not knowing what was going on, Cristina went outside as requested and was dumbfounded. The patio was full of bags with basic necessities shopping: diapers, potatoes, milk, food of all types - there was everything that Christina's family needed for at least 10 days.

Alan had not only suspended the payment of the rent, but had also taken care not to leave his tenant without food. "I can't describe my feelings. I am so moved and I feel very lucky," Christina said.

Who would not be moved by such generosity. Alan had really helped Christina out of a deep hole. It is people like Alan that restore our faith in humanity.