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Video Altruism

Child chooses to lose at a party game to support his autistic best friend instead

Most parents with children born with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often experience difficulties when the child is placed in new social situations, such as the first day of school or attending a children's…

Spouses use the money for their wedding to build a school for African children

When Taina Pessoa and Renato Marques, both originally from Brazil, decided to get married, they started making all the preparations for a traditional wedding: the church, the guests, the reception, the…

Man sees a bride in the street and helps her: "she was desperate, she asked me for a ride and I took her to the church"

Let's face it: a wedding day is amongst the most wonderful events that two people can experience in a lifetime. This is the moment when the union becomes official and is celebrated together with loved…

Passenger on a plane helps a mother in difficulty: "I couldn't keep my children calm, but then he intervened"

Traveling with small children can, in some cases, be a real drama. Children, although attracted by novelty and the desire to have new experiences and discover the world, do not have the same patience as…

Couple sell their deceased son's car in order to raise their grandchildren: it was bought for $ 100,000, but was immediately returned to them

Life often confronts us with painful, difficult choices that we never thought we would have to make. The factors to consider can be many and it is never easy to decide to take one path rather than some…

Couple accidentally invite a stranger to their daughter's baby shower: they receive a gift from her

Not infrequently it happens that we receive calls and messages from wrong or unknown numbers, but in most cases these errors are quickly forgotten or dealt with expediently. Seldom does such a mistake translate…

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