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He offers to work in exchange for a pair of shoes for his daughter: a woman gives them to him without asking for anything in return

If until a few years ago some countries of the world were still victims of the economic crisis, the arrival of Covid-19 only contributed to worsening things, reducing some families who were already in…

"I can't make ends meet!": a mother of 4 children launches a desperate appeal and receives many donations

Helping others is a dignified choice that we should all consider. A single gesture, which may seem tiny to us, may be immense to someone else and mean something far greater. By combining many small gestures…

24 images of good deeds that remind us that there is still hope for our world!

It is always nice to do or receive a good deed from someone. These spontaneous gestures are able to revive a day that started out badly, have beneficial effects on mental health, on the personal satisfaction…

15 pictures that will remind you that there is a lot of good in this world!

A lot of very unpleasant things happen around the world and very often it on these unpleasant events that the TV news channels and talk shows, in general, focus their talking points. But highlighting…

This man made friends with a homeless woman and now they have lunch together every Tuesday and he teaches her how to read

Homeless people are everywhere in the world. These are people who end up living on the street (or who are born there) for the most disparate reasons and who, from that moment, seem to become ghosts for…

The Jamaican bike, A small gesture can make a child happy

Here is an example of creative recycling: a boy shows how to make a "Jamaican bike" using the pieces of lighters. By transforming and giving new life to everyday objects, you can give a child an unexpected…

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