Living on a cruise ship? Now you can, thanks to the company that sells apartments on their ship

Let's face it: many would like to spend their entire lives on vacation to do whatever they want without time limits and plenty of money. But this dream is not an easy thing to realize. Yet there…
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Unreal! Sea storm with huge waves and 120 mph winds ...

Have you ever gone on a sea cruise to enjoy a few days of total relaxation and instead find yourself living in a nightmare? In the case of heavy storms, you do not have to necessarily suffer from seasickness…

See how big boats are launched!

Do you know how the procedure that launches big boats for their first sea entry is carried out? If you are thinking about something involving the use of cranes and similar equipment then you will have…

China builds the world's large elevator FOR SHIPS!

The Blue River is a fundamental transport route for the internal water traffic of China, which is why the Chinese government spares no expense when it comes to making it more efficient.  Until recently,…

A 600 million EUR cruise ship comes to life --- see how in this video!

AidaPrima is a cruise ship that has a capacity of 3,300 passengers and 900 crew members; it is 300 meters long and weighs a hefty 124,000 tons. It seems incredible, that we are actually talking about…

The Fury of the ocean during a bad storm

This video was shot during the search for the missing flight of the Malaysian Airlines. The waves are frighteningly high as you have never had the opportunity to see before.
Sea Ships Storm

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