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Woman returns home after a vacation…
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Woman returns home after a vacation and while unpacking her suitcase, she finds a tarantula hiding in her luggage

August 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When it comes to insects or arachnids (spiders), the world is divided into those who cannot even look at these little creatures; and then there are those who, on the other hand, get excited at the mere thought of finding a rare specimen. An English girl returning home from Cyprus, after a pleasant holiday, had mixed emotions when she opened her suitcase and, on emptying it, found herself face to face with a giant tarantula. The creature had slipped in between the lining of her suitcase in Cyprus and the young woman, without having noticed it, had taken it back to her home without even realizing it.

A tarantula in your clothes: this is a "surprise" that could make many arachnophobics scream in horror and it certainly caused some discomfort for the young woman who stars in this bizarre misadventure. The woman posted a a video to her TikTok account, showing the "cute" spider that was unknowingly trapped in her suitcase, and had travelled all the way from Cyprus to the United Kingdom. As if unpacking after a holiday isn't already an unpleasant chore, the young woman had to face this spider stowaway problem.

In the same video in which the tarantula appears, the TikToker shows her consulting a friend on her phone, in an attempt to figure out what to do with the huge spider. The situation is clearly bizarre and and the phone call is punctuated with laughter.

"I think I brought a tarantula back in my suitcase from Cyprus," is the caption that is shown below the video posted by the young woman. Many users, lovers of spiders, were quick to give her advice on what to do and who to contact in these cases. One of them even offered to come over personally to solve the problem, and offering to take the spider off her hands.

Some users, after watching the video, had second thoughts about where they should go on vacation, horrified at the very thought of this type of incident being possible.

How would you have reacted if you had found a tarantula in your suitcase, and how would you have tried to solve the problem? Most, we are sure, would have simply run away!

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