Father sells his classic car to pay…
Mother of 10 children is abandoned by her husband:

Father sells his classic car to pay for his son's studies: the son buys it back for him in secret to thank him

August 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Who are the people who are always standing by our side, who protect us, encourage us, and, if necessary, forgive us and would do anything to make us feel happy? Obviously, it cannot be anyone but our parents. Parents, once they have chosen to have a child, would do the anything to make offspring's life wonderful - even if it means depriving themselves of the things they care most about in the world.

And this is exactly what the father in this story did. He was a man who, faced with enormous economic difficulties that risked his son having to abandon his studies, decided to sell his classic 1969 Barracuda car in order to pay for his child's education. What did the son do to thank his father? Let's find out together:

This moving story took place in Mexico where a father gave up the thing he cared most about to make his son happy and help him build his future. The son, aware of the great effort made by his father, considered it appropriate to reciprocate and do something to thank his father for his great sacrifice.

In a video posted by the son to his Tik Tok account, a blindfolded middle-aged man is shown being escorted towards a beautiful, red car. Unaware of what was about to happen, the father starts taking guesses about what the surprise will be. He repeatedly tries to speculate about what the blindfold is hiding, but he cannot even remotely get near to what he would see in a few seconds. While the father tries to guess what the surprise is, the sons shows the camera several flash cards in which he tells the viewing audience the story.

"My father sold his car because of me," says the first card. "I was about to leave the university due to a lack of money, but my father did something truly generous. I promised that I would buy him a new car if I wasn't able to return his Barracuda '69 to him first. It is only due to him that I became an aeronautical engineer, and the time has come to repay this debt. "

How did he do it? Simply by buying back what his father had given up for him. A few moments later, the video clip shows an incredulous and shocked father standing in front of the car. Then, when he gets in the car, looks around, the man finally understands what is happening - especially when his son hands him the keys. At this point, a large smile graces his face.


Could there be a better way to say thank you to such a generous and selfless dad? We believe that the answer is no and that even for a child, there is nothing more wonderful than being able to make one's parents happy and to reciprocate their many acts of sacrifice made on their behalf.

And you? Have you ever done something as wonderful for your mother or father?

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