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"You're 40 years old - you should dress…
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"You're 40 years old - you should dress like someone your age": this mother is criticized for her youthful looks

August 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Do you agree that everyone should be free to dress and look as they see fit? Of course! Also, every woman on this planet would like to stay young forever - just like a beautiful princess from a fairytale - but let's face it: as well as being an unattainable goal, you still have to work hard to look "beautiful". Make-up, skincare, hair - every part of the body deserves special attention if you want to preserve your youthful appearance for as long as possible. TikToker Brandi, a mother of three, is a true expert when it comes to using clothes and make-up to look more youthful. But some users have started to criticize her because of her age: "You're 40. You should dress like someone your own age".

Curly hair, clothes that are always trendy and that fit her perfectly: Brandi shares all her tips and tricks for shopping online in the world of fashion, but it seems that some users have not taken this too well. Despite her having over 58,000 followers, Brandi was forced to respond to various criticisms from users who accused her of trying to deny reality. It is almost as if these critics are saying that because Brandi is now 40, she should wear only modest clothes and not any excessive make-up.

Brandi is a a mom from Virginia (USA), and says that "just one of the MANY rude comments" she received (in which users also accused her of having undergone botox treatment), also accused her of having plastic surgery in order to look younger. Brandi did not miss this opportunity to respond to her critics. Here is what she said:

"As I mentioned in my last video, I got a lot of questions about my skincare routine, which is why I wanted to start sharing my skincare habits with my viewers. The last video was about a makeup, and I felt was very useful because it was for me - it gave me a glowing skin. It had nothing to do with what I actually do for my skin. Yes, I did use botox, and never tried to hide this fact. Actually, I also shared this news on my YouTube channel. So, if you are one of my followers, you would know that I am very open and honest about this. But I also know that botox is not the solution to everything: if you want to have great skin, you have to take care of it," said Brandi in her lengthy response. In fact, Brandi works really hard to take care of her skin, leaving nothing to chance or just to botox injections.

“So, if you're someone who came to my TikTok page just to judge me and make nasty comments, then I pray for you,” the woman continued, “But if you've come to my page to learn, then I'm here to share my secrets. And yes, at 40, one of the tricks also includes using botox," she concluded.


Many of her followers have supported Brandi and described her as looking younger than many 20-somethings: "You look a lot better than most 20-somethings. These kids seem to think that 40 is already over the hill ..." or even, "Ignore the haters, honey. I follow you on Yutube and Instagram and you've never tried to hide anything. You are a beautiful person - thank you for sharing your advice with us! ".

Do you also think that Brandi and women of her age have nothing to be ashamed of and that they can look however they see fit? Or are you of the belief that after a certain age, it is best to be more modest? Let us know in the comments!

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