This model defies the classic standards of beauty and has become a highly respected professional -
This model defies the classic standards…
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This model defies the classic standards of beauty and has become a highly respected professional

June 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Over the years, we have grown accustomed to seeing - on TV, on the internet and through many other media channels - fashion shows where beautiful models walk down the catwalks to the rhythm of upbeat music and show off the latest clothing trends. And because we are all familiar with these types of shows, we are also aware of the strict, inflexible standards which, until recently, have been established for the models: they must have a certain look, be a certain weight, a certain height, etc. Many consider these standards to be highly unrealistic. But recently, these standards have, fortunately, started to give way to diversity, and the person we are about to tell you about here is proof of that.

Quannah Chasinghorse, is a Native American model who in recent years, has become increasingly successful in the fashion world and is becoming a symbol of how this sector is undergoing change. Read on to find out about her story:

via: CNN

Born in Arizona, the young woman has her origins in two different ethnic groups: The Oglala Lakota people on her father's side and the Hän Gwich'in people on her mother's side. These two groups of people (tribes) are those to whom she feels the most affinity. Before entering the fashion world, Quannah traveled extensively with her family and then settled in Alaska. Here, they lived simply and according to her people's traditions. Everyone loved to fish, hunt, gather fruit and be in close contact with nature.

Quannah, however, had her own goal: to become a fashion model. Fascinated by the world of fashion shows and great stylists, the young woman feared that no one would ever take her as a serious candidate to become a model. And, she feared, if she did enter the fashion world, she would be forced to make a clean break with her origins.

"I had no intention of cutting my hair or changing its color or even hiding the tattoos I have on my face, since they belong to my identity as an indigenous woman," she says. "When I started working, I was afraid that all these factors would limit me and made me lose out on wonderful opportunities, but it didn't work out that way. On the contrary, I found quite the opposite," she stated.


Fate, it seems, was kind to her and, whilst maintaining a strong bond with her origins as a Native American, she still managed to enter the fashion world and become one of its' most famous professionals. Her fame has also allowed her to grow spiritually and appreciate her culture and to continue her fight for the protection of the environment - a movement in which she has always been active.

In short, Quannah is a very unique fashion world icon and strays far from the norm. Who says, after all, that beauty must necessarily fall within very precise and unchalleged standards? The truth is that nobody does (or, at least, shouldn't). It is for this precise fact that this model has overcome all her challenges and managed to reach her goal - and without giving up anything which is precious to her.

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