8 useful clues to discover if the designer…
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8 useful clues to discover if the designer perfume you are about to buy is a fake!

November 28, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The biggest fear when buying expensive designer perfumes is to be fooled into purchasing fake designer perfumes without being aware of it. So how do you do not fall into the trap and stay avoid buying fake designer perfume products? 

Here are eight useful clues that give you the knowledge you need to avoid being cheated.

Before buying a designer perfume, if you have any doubt, carefully check the box, ask the sales assistant to show you the bottle of perfume and pay attention to some particular details that can, or rather, do make the difference.

1. Pay attention to the packaging

image: © bubr

High-quality designer perfumes are wrapped in cellophane that is fairly thick and perfectly adheres to the box. In products of doubtful origin, however, the cellophane may not be present or be very thin and not adhere to the packaging.

2. Observe how the box was wrapped

image: © pinterest

If the designer perfume has been wrapped in a rather shoddy way, with excess glue here and there and folds that are not very neat or perfectly closed, then you can be sure that you are looking at a fake designer perfume product.


3. Check the internal protection

Blows that could damage a bottle of perfume must be avoided, so an original designer perfume box has an internal foldable cardboard structure that ensures its integrity. Do not forget to check if this structure has actually been inserted.

4. Pay attention to the labeling and other symbols

image: © bubr

An original designer perfume always has its own packaging with the expiration date, country of manufacture, composition, and milliliters of fragrance. If any of this information is missing, then you should begin to be suspicious.

5. Take a look at the perfume bottle design

image: dior

The designer perfume bottles that contain the fragrances must all be the same, and not dissimilar to each other. Furthermore, designer perfume bottles are made from a single piece of glass, there are no junction lines inside through which air can infiltrate, favoring the formation of mold.


6. Do not forget to compare the color

Another detail that should not be underestimated is the color --- compare the item you are about to buy with one which you are certain of and make sure the color is exactly the same. The color of the fragrance, just like the flask, cannot vary from product to product, but must always remain the same.

7. Make sure the perfume bottle is symmetrical

Since original designer perfume bottles are symmetrical, it is not possible that the designer perfume logo is decentralized or placed directly on the side. This is a clear sign of counterfeiting.


8. Make sure the serial number is present

In addition, on fake products, you will discover that some information is missing such as the batch number and the traceability code.  Additionally, the serial number must match the one on the perfume bottle and is usually placed on the bottom of the designer perfume box.

In short, by referring to these eight details you will not be able to go wrong and no one will be able to sell you a fake designer perfume instead of the real designer perfume that you adore the most!

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