35 examples of how common objects can…
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35 examples of how common objects can also be used in another way

December 28, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Consumerism, of which we are so often victims, does not encourage us to use our brains very much! How is that?!

For example, by creating a need for us to buy a new object that would be useful to us, when the new object could easily be replaced by another object that can be upcycled, without the need for spending more money.

Upcycling is the opposite of consumerism, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, start practicing it by replacing some objects with others (that you already own) that were originally intended for a completely different use!

A little Lego man that keeps the cable in order and two lego bricks that keep your keys where you can easily find them.

Why would a person wear a scuba mask in the shower? It can really be useful for women! No need to redo eye makeup!


A sports car allows you to have a comfortable table for meals outside the home.

Here's how an old rake can be given new life!

Put a sock on a vacuum cleaner tube to recover small items without losing them in the dust bag.


Here's a nice idea to use an old boat inside a room as a sofa! Don't you agree?

A clothespin can be used to hold a nail on a wall so that you do not hit your fingers!


Tennis balls can be used to hang your keys (and not only).

Here's how you can keep your lunch protected by using an empty CD spindle case.

image: Report

Just eliminate the bottom of glass bottles to create unique chandeliers!

Use frozen grapes to keep wine cool without it being diluted by ice cubes.

A can opener can also be useful for opening sealed plastic packaging!

An old wooden ladder and a few shelves are enough to create a beautiful bookcase.

image: Report

A child's bed can be transformed into a nice desk for playtime or for doing homework.

Car seat belts can be used to hang your keys.

Hang laundry between two lines, and not one, to create more space!

Plastic bottle necks are useful for sealing open bags.

The tabs from soda or beer cans are great for hanging paintings.

image: makezine.com

When a bucket cannot fit in the sink then here is an excellent solution!

A ladder hanging on a wall can also be a shelf!

image: etsy.com

Keep rolls of gift paper in order with the help of toilet paper tubes.

Fill a plastic bottle with water halfway and freeze it in a horizontal position. Use the remaining space to insert more water and keep it cool for hours!

image: grossilse

Turn the bottoms of plastic bottles into pretty planters.

image: Maceta Gatuna

With a little ingenuity, you can also transform an old suitcase into an armchair!

Use beeswax to make your shoes waterproof.

image: Report

Rubbing a walnut on old wooden furniture can make it look new again!

A clothes hanger in the kitchen can be used to keep recipe books open.

Open a paper clip and use it to close a bracelet with one hand.

Fill a box with toilet paper tubes and use them to keep cables tidy.

image: berserk

Here's how to keep keys handy and in order using Lego bricks.

Look how wooden chairs can be used to create an open wardrobe!

image: yiconglu.com

An old table becomes a cute dog bed.

image: CupsThePups

Colanders can be used as lampshades.

image: recyclart.org

Clothespins are also useful for holding toothbrushes.

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