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22 photos that will convince you that…
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22 photos that will convince you that in some places winter is really cold!


Is there a sensation worse than feeling cold?

The people who know this well are those who in winter just cannot keep warm and who during the cold months of the year undergo a suffering that seems to have no end --- with cold hands and cold feet and a constant desire to sit in front of a lit fireplace.

If you are among those people who suffer from the cold but do not live in places that are famous for being cold, then you should know that there are people who truly experience REAL cold!

Here is what can happen when the temperature really goes down ...

The service station gas pump froze during refueling.

The ice mold of a car's bumper.


A frozen ghost!

A stone that has frozen in the shape of a heart.

Wow, a frozen geyser!


Even the water in the toilet water tank has frozen ...

Frozen eggs.


Brrr --- it's freezing cold!

When it's so cold, it's impossible to eat spaghetti.


Burst and frozen balloons.

Poor cobweb, it could not escape the cold either!

A frozen lake with a magnificent effect.

Here someone is screaming from the cold!

image: Goku / imgur

Frozen snow in the melting phase...

Here's what happens when you leave your tea in the car for a whole night.

Perhaps in these conditions it is better not to leave the house!

The ice has frozen the fence.

image: pugc / imgur

When it's freezing, it's cold for everyone!

When you leave the water sprinkler on all night.

A completely frozen swimming pool, covered with fresh snow! Who wants to take a dip?

The emblem of a famous car exposed to the cold.

Even this flowing water fountain has frozen.

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