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10 spectacular photos without even an…
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10 spectacular photos without even an ounce of photo editing!

July 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

With all the means available today, with which you can edit a photo, it is easy to think that no spectacular shots can actually be "spontaneous".

The truth, however, is that in the world there are still unique and truly extraordinary phenomena that can be immortalized by anyone passing by with a smartphone!

In fact, the photos that we propose here in this gallery are images that were captured and posted, all without an ounce of photo editing!

The effects of an earthquake in Taiwan

The spectacular reflection of the sun on a building in Melbourne, Australia.


These swarm of flying starlings created a vortex.

A tree struck by lightning.

A spherical construction connects two buildings.

" While I was cutting the grass, I found a pink grasshopper.'

image: MC4204/reddit

The storm is coming and the sky is painted green.

An enormous, edible mushroom!

A heat wave caused the soda cans in this vending machine to explode!

image: imgur

 An abandoned piece of the Great Wall of China.


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