The behaviors of some tourists in a foreign land are real acts of rudeness and vandalism -
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The behaviors of some tourists in a…
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The behaviors of some tourists in a foreign land are real acts of rudeness and vandalism


When we go on long trips to countries and places different from ours, it is always a good idea to first find out about the uses and customs of that place to avoid making a fool of ourselves. 

Or even worse - to avoid having to pay stiff fines for actions that might not be exactly the thing to do in that country or place because there, those actions are prohibited or even illegal.

At other times, however, the behaviors of some foreign tourists are so disrespectful to the culture of others, that we cannot help but also be shocked and dismayed!

These foreign tourists have destroyed an important and very popular rock formation in Oregon!

This little dolphin died after it was captured and abused by a group of tourists looking for a selfie on a beach in Spain!

image: solarpix

These tourists plucked and stole the feathers of peacocks in the Beijing Zoo.


At the Sichuan Ecological Park in China, tourists stripped all the lotus flowers of their petals ...

image: asiaone

On the Ostional Beach in Costa Rica, tourists on the beach prevent sea turtles from nesting.

image: sitraminaecr

A 15-year-old Chinese student "carved" his name into an important sculpture in the Luxor Temple in Egypt!

image: weibo

In Lisbon, a tourist tried to take a selfie with the statue of San Michele, causing a ruinous fall of the precious sculpture!

image: MIR

The Yellowstone Park Hot Springs water source "Morning Glory pool" has turned green due to the huge amount of coins that have been thrown into it.

image: onza04

In Lisbon, another an ancient statue falls and breaks into a thousand pieces after a tourist climbs on it to take a picture ...

image: Ewan Munro

These tourists in their SUVs chase for fun a group of Tibetan antelopes that are an endangered species.

image: Weibo

Azalea trees completely stripped of their beautiful flowers by some tourists in China.

This Russian tourist was fined very heavily for the graffiti he left on his visit to the Colosseum in Rome.

Margate Beach in the United Kingdom after being "visited" by many swimmers!

In Hampi, India, some vandals knocked down some columns of a Unesco heritage temple.

This very rude and impolite tourist tries to hide a used a menstrual pad under the sand on the beach!

image: MPBL Recap

On the green hills of Ireland, these vandalic writings ruin the landscape...

Not even deep sea coral reefs can escape "underwater" vandalism!

image: OK Divers

It seems that a Harry Potter fan has decided to take possession of these ancient megalithic tombs in Spain!

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