Fill a syringe with paint, then let…
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Fill a syringe with paint, then let the paint slide down a wall --- the final effect is very creative!

May 29, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

You are planning to do some work around the house and you have decided to put giving a new look to your walls at the top of the list ... but with so many options what should you choose?

If you are not interested in the traditional styles, or maybe the room to be revived is that of a child, you can think of considering the project created by the curator of the blog Homeology, Germarie Bruwer.

In fact, with Bruwer's project, you can opt for ultra-colored walls obtained with a simple technique! Just let the paint slide down the wall, not with the help of a paintbrush but with a syringe (after removing the needle!).

Choose the colors you would like to use. Before proceeding you should think of doing a test by using the colors on a sheet of paper and see if you really like the combination.

Buy a number of 5 cc/ml syringes equal to the number of colors you intend to use.

Before proceeding with the painting, consider the need to whitewash the wall that will be used and remember to protect the floor by placing newspapers and/or plastic sheets on the floor.


Choose the color to start with, fill a syringe and start pressing without pushing the plunger completely so as to check how much color is actually needed to make the color stripe the desired length.

Once you have done this a few times, you will be able to proceed in the best way. Remember to alternate the stripes of color and leave more or less the same space between each stripe in order to give homogeneity to the final result ...

Which would look something like this!


Done! And really not bad --- for a project that is so easy to do!

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