They took away his dog but a stranger reads his cardboard sign and decides to intervene -
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They took away his dog but a stranger…
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They took away his dog but a stranger reads his cardboard sign and decides to intervene


The range of things that a homeless person can write on a cardboard sign asking for some form of help is wide, but when Wilma Price read the text: "Dog in pound. Need help" she decided to intervene. 

In fact, the woman, an American from Texas, had been walking toward her car when she saw a young man with a curious cardboard sign in his hand and, at first she had not stopped, but that sentence had touched her so much that she had to go back, even if it was just to understand better what had happened to the dog.

"While passing by him, I saw the desperation in his eyes and so I decided to go back and ask him what he meant by what he had written ."

The woman had only $8 USD in her pocket but, she since she loves animals, too, she told CBS News in the interview that: "I could not just act like nothing was happening, he looked like a lost child."

After asking for an explanation, Wilma found out that the young man, named Patrick, had spent two days in jail for illegally crossing the Texas state border. At the time of his arrest, Patrick had his dog Franklin with him, but the police had taken the dog to a local animal shelter, where it had been labeled a "stray". Touched by his desire to find his dog, the woman asked a friend to help her put together the money needed to pay for the vaccines that had been administered to the animal and the days spent at the shelter for a total cost of $120 USD.

After that she had accompanied Patrick to the animal refuge center, fulfilling his desire to reunite with his dog Franklin.


"Watching their reunion, everyone present was in tears," said Price.

The woman took some pictures of the touching moment.

Before saying goodbye, the woman wanted to make sure that Patrick could feed his dog but the young man already had everything in his backpack  --- a dog food and water bowl and also some dog food. "Franklin is my whole life, he comes first of all, even before my own food!"

In concluding her interview, the woman said ...

"The lesson is always that of not judging a book by its cover. We live in a world so moralistic and always ready to judge others but the truth is that everyone deserves a second chance, also because it could always happen to anyone to find themselves one day in the same unfortunate situation."

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