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7 things in your life that you must…
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7 things in your life that you must keep secret, according to Hindu philosophy


In Hindu culture, the term "darsana" is a way of interpreting reality in a direct and intuitive way.

According to this principle, all experiences of life must be understood when they present themselves, without the obsession of seeking absolute truths. Moreover, spirituality dominates all personal behavior and actions, conditioning time and space.

Consequently, to lead a more peaceful and happy existence, the following aspects of one's life should be kept secret.

  • A good deed needs no advertising. Doing good must be something personal and intimate, there is no need for applause or approval from others. 
  • Safeguard personal experiences. There is no need to always talk about what life has taught you. What matters is to treasure it and live it fully for yourself. 
  • Family problems should not be disclosed. What happens in the home and between family members and relatives must be addressed and resolved without involving outsiders. Doing so would only damage relationships instead of fortifying them.
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  • Don't talk about your goals. Sharing projects in the short, medium or long term is a risk because they may not be realized or they can be opposed or criticized. 
  • Private life must remain confidential. Whatever way you pursue your private life, the important thing is to be in harmony with yourself, without others being necessarily informed about it. 
  • Important challenges must be kept private. In everyone's life comes the moment when their courage is put to the test. When this situation occurs, it is best to keep it to yourself. 
  • To speak ill of others is a waste of energy. Echoing and spreading gossip or participating in sterile criticism of others only attracts negativity and depletes one's inner resources.
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These behavioral precepts are intended to defend and protect what is most delicate and uncertain in the everyday life of each individual.

Flaunting self-confidence, trusting any and everyone with personal information that requires sensitivity and understanding can often be detrimental, as well as being misunderstood and mistaken for extreme arrogance. The pillars of the philosophy, of keeping things to oneself, are founded on prudence, humility, and discretion.

To do so does not mean keeping others at a distance, it only means to wait for the right moment and the right person to share something very precious, which must be given as a gift only to those who merit it.


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