Clever garden hacks for GARDEN LOVERS!! -
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Clever garden hacks for GARDEN LOVERS!!
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Clever garden hacks for GARDEN LOVERS!!

January 01, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Anyone involved in gardening knows how many psychological benefits this activity is able to provide! Gardening relaxes the mind, promotes good humor and can even help to break free from addictions because it gives a sense of fulfillment.

In addition, to devote oneself to growing plants, it is not necessary to have a garden, in fact, a balcony is just fine! In short, you have no excuse not to create and take care of your own green corner, big or small.

Here are some tricks that you will discover to be very useful once you have taken up gardening!

1. To plant perfectly spaced seeds or seedlings, help yourself with a muffin tin! Press the muffin tin into the soil to it the same form creating a grid.

2. To outline a walkable path and protect the adjacent flower beds, position along the path some glass bottles, possibly all the same.


3. Use a colander as a hanging planter and exploit the holes to attach and hook the chains that support it.

4. Instead of throwing away old spoons, hit them with a hammer to give them a flat shape . . .

Next, you can decorate them and use them to write the name of the plant that you are cultivating. In addition to serving as name reminders, they will give your garden a more organized look.


Alternatively, plastic cutlery can be used.

5. With the help of a can opener, remove the upper part of a can.


Paint it with spray paint . . .

Use it to hold aromatic herbs, labeling each can with the name of the plant.


6. Use empty wine bottles to irrigate plants! Just fill empty wine bottles with water and turn them over in the soil. It is a great way to keep the soil wet when you cannot water the plants.

7. Use your imagination to decorate your garden. Look at how this old sink is perfect as a planter.

8. To keep away rabbits and other animals that might feed on your seedlings, stick some plastic forks into the ground. Animals will be frightened and will not approach.

9. Spread banana peels directly on the soil and as they decompose, they release into the soil calcium, magnesium, sulfur and many other nutrients.

The same thing applies to used coffee grounds! Sprinkle used coffee grounds in the vicinity of plants, especially those that prefer an acidic soil, as used coffee grounds act as a natural fertilizer.

If your soil is low in calcium, or there is a plant in particular that needs calcium, then just wash some eggshells and let them dry for three days. Next, crush the dried eggshells well and then bury the crushed eggshells in the soil next to the plants.

10. A colander lined with coffee filters is an ideal solution to retain moisture.

11. Taking advantage of this wonderful idea, even those who have a small balcony can enjoy moments of relaxation in their own green corner.

Click the link below the image to see the complete DIY project!

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