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Waste sorting! Eight common objects…
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Waste sorting! Eight common objects that almost everyone disposes of in the wrong way.

May 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Each city administration has its own rules regarding the sorting of waste and separate garbage collection, so it is always good to have at hand the leaflet that specifies where to place each type of waste.

However, there are macro-categories of waste that we are all probably mishandling, unaware that a particular use does not make them still catalogable as before.

Let's find out how some commonly used objects should really be disposed of.

1. Used cooking oil --- we all know that it should be stored in containers and then delivered to the nearest landfill. However, perhaps we do not know that a single quart (liter) poured down the sink makes one million liters of water non-potable.

2. Discharged batteries: They represent a special kind of waste that if thrown into the common garbage can be highly polluting. They must only be thrown into special containers that are usually located outside stores or supermarkets.

3. Ceramics and mirrors? Neither should be thrown away together with glass but instead in the undifferentiated container!

4. Dirty paper napkins? This type of waste must be thrown into the organic waste container!


5. Broken window glass and drinking glasses are supposed to be disposed of in the undifferentiated container and not together with glass bottles and jars.

image: Pixabay.com

6. Receipts are made with paper types and inks that compromise the disposal of generic paper, for this reason, they should be disposed of in the undifferentiated container.

image: Pixabay.com

7. Used pizza boxes should not be throw away together with other paper waste but instead disposed of in the undifferentiated container.

image: Pixabay.com

Remember also that when throwing paper in the waste paper containers, any plastic bags used to collect the paper must be removed! It may seem trivial, but many people deposit the whole plastic bag with the paper, thinking that they are doing the right thing when in reality, they are running the risk of having to pay very high fines.


8. Can aluminum and plastic containers be thrown away together? It depends on the local administration; in some cases, aluminum must be thrown away together with the glass bottles and jars. Check how it works in your area because normally aluminum foil, such as the one used to wrap food, is recyclable as long as it is clean.

image: Pixabay.it

Finally, just remember that used plastic containers must be washed before being thrown away. Let's take the example of a plastic container of yogurt. If you do not remove the yogurt residues left inside when you have finished eating it, then you should not throw it in the container for recycling plastic waste!

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