Bad day? These 18 misadventures will make you realize just how lucky you are! -
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Bad day? These 18 misadventures will…
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Bad day? These 18 misadventures will make you realize just how lucky you are!

May 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It happens to every now and then to wake up in the morning and understand after a few minutes that it is not going to be a good day.

Sometimes to tell us this is a "small" incident, like the forgotten (and burnt) coffee on the stove, or the postman rings at the door to deliver a fine.

Other times, however, the problem comes in much more challenging and imaginative forms, as happened to the people who captured the images here below.

What to do in these cases? Well, as the experts say, laughing remains the best cure!

1. When you park your car and then you find yourself with a problem to solve ...

2. Are you familiar with the dotted line? It does not work.


3. It will be better to just order a pizza ...

4. He could not turn on a lamp in his mother's house. After a few minutes of research, he understood the problem ...

5. Someone needs to put new cables under the ground


6. Welcome to Japan!

image: orpheon/imgur

7. When you finally find a place to sit ... but it's impossible to sit down.


8. She has been waiting for this body lotion to arrive for weeks ... here it is!

9. Ride around on the beach in a car? It's not a good idea...


10. He wanted to go for a swim ... But maybe he will do something else.

11. And now, everyone can go play chess!

12. It will not be easy to get it out of there

13. If you're reading this, it's already too late.

14. You can say goodbye to your quick lunch

15. Never venture with a car into unknown places

16. Give me five minutes and I will be there ... well, maybe not.

image: lant7/pikabu

17. The unlucky truck driver left a carpet of pizzas on the highway ...

image: elry09/imgur

18. They told him there was a "bug" in the system, but it was not what he expected!

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