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18 "impossible" coincidences that gave…
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18 "impossible" coincidences that gave birth to a memorable image


Looking at some images, we would like to know from a statistical expert what were the mathematical possibilities that such an event would occur.

In some cases, it would be possible to make only approximations, but the degree of unbelievability that certain coincidences demonstrate is still high!

Whether these are pure coincidences or evidence of out-of-the-ordinary mental affinities, these images will surely leave you stunned!

Same dress?

Two sisters unknowingly bought the same gift for Mother's Day in the same store!


The cars and the building ...

A hat merged with eyebrows? She shows us what that means!

Three identical congratulatory cards for a colleague! We want to hope that the neighborhood stationery store does not sell ONLY those!


Ok, the airplane model is the same, and it has the same tail number as my plane!

Winning the same lottery twice --- is definitely not something that happens to everyone!


An app counts your steps and you discover after two consecutive weeks that you have the same IDENTICAL number of steps!

My sock and the bathtub mat --- try to distinguish them!


Have they noticed that they are watching the same multimedia content?

When a YouTube ad perfectly complements a video that you were watching.

Two pieces of a somewhat unusual puzzle.

Where does the liquid end and the container start?

The snowman has melted, but his face has no intention of disappearing.

Two colleagues bring the same lunch to work, in the same containers!

 Here is the right perspective with which to photograph the two lamps inside this beauty salon.

Be careful when you place this pan on the kitchen counter surface --- you may not see it anymore!

No, this is not a car dealer's parking lot ...


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