Inappropriate mothers-in-law: 15 housework…
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Inappropriate mothers-in-law: 15 housework errots that only mothers-in-law could be blamed for

May 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

All families probably have one. Whether it's his mother or her mother, the mother-in-law is an essential presence in the life of any self-respecting couple. We certainly don't want to make sweeping statements, but the fact is that very often we hear or read about rather intrusive or inappropriate stories of mothers-in-law. At other times instead we happen to expereince these things for ourselves and we don't know at all how to react or behave correctly so as not to hurt her feelings. The fact is, however, that an intrusive mother-in-law is more a common reality than an exception to the rule.

Once you have seen this amusing gallery of images starring the misdeeds of these mothers-in-law, you will have the bitter confirmation!

This is how my mother-in-law loads the dishes in the dishwasher ...

image: Reddit

But I'm asking you, does such a thing seem normal to you? The same story every night! 

Whenever my mother-in-law decides to cook, she leaves the refrigerator door open ...

image: Reddit

No small waste of electricity and household consumption: and I can't say anything to her,so as not to end up fighting! 


An apparently a harmless photographic shot with chicken cooked in the foreground ...

 ... actually, it's all my mother-in-law's doing; before serving it to the table, she ate all the crispy skin on the front and a leg, leaving only the leftovers for the others!

A half eaten banana...

One thing my mother-in-law does every morning, in case someone else wants to finish eating it: how annoying! 

That's why we can never find spare toilet paper in the house ...

 She keeps it all in her wardrobe: but does that seem normal to you?


My mother-in-law's been at it again...

He said he couldn't get the electric coffee roaster to work: it's a pity that that's a pencil sharpener .... it's enough to drive you mad!

The correct arrangement of dishes in the dishwasher according to my mother-in-law ...

A real disaster which could be done better by a child: but why? 


That's why my mother-in-law says her kindle won't charge ...

 A photographic that documents her unfamiliarity with technology:

My mother-in-law just opened her Christmas present from under the tree ...

 It was a CD, and she didn't even like the surprise: a contradiction!


A mother-in-law in faced with a super-technological remote control:

 "Hey, how do you turn off this thing?": A classic!

Look at this beautiful and deliscious looking cake ...

image: Drblam/Reddit

Ruined by my mother-in-law: but who would cut a slice in this way? 

Do you know how my mother-in-law serves up her spaghetti with sauce for dinner?

image: Imgur

Serving the contents of the pot with the help of a breakfast cup!

My mother-in-law got a brand new Jeep months ago ...

image: Imgur

She's so in love with her new car that she said she would like to keep it immaculate for as long as possible - she hasn't even taken the covers off the screens!

My mother-in-law cut up the birthday cake like this ...

 Why do some people get larger slices and than others? It's a mystery.

My mother-in-law's genius idea...

She decided that this table was perfect for sdoing a jigsaw puzzle: and now how do I distinguish the pieces from the surface of the table?


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