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16 people who have had an unlucky day…
The cashier at a fast-food restaurant can't pay the mechanic and is helped by a customer who gives her his car At 19 he manages to buy his first house and encourages today's young people:

16 people who have had an unlucky day which is impossible to forget

September 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Remember to always live life with a smile on your face, even when you are having the worst day of your life. Moreover, it can happen to everyone, at least once, to go through rather dark and uncertain moments and periods, where sadness and negativity reign; it is part of the game of life, happiness does not always reign supreme and we must be prepared to embrace with awareness and positivity all the consequences of the misfortune that sometimes seems to haunt us.

Since we firmly believe in always seeing the glass half full, we have chosen for you some of the most absurd and hilarious photos on the web that will convince you that there is always someone who is worse off than you or who has had a worse day than yours. Don't believe it? Take a look here!

I took a home pregancy test and...

image: Reddit

It seems the result is uncertain: what do you think? 

I'm an idiot and my wife is laughing at me now!

In the morning it is difficult for me to wake up completely, and actually judging by how I placed the cup for my coffee ... my theory is confirmed!


Morning donuts in the office ...

image: Reddit

All missing one bite right after my boss's secretary left the office - could it have been her? 

The diamond set in my engagement ring has inexplicably been lost ...

image: Reddit

The guarantee lasted 10 years and today is our 10th anniversary. What terrible luck! 

Someone had the brilliant idea of throwing dry ice in the toilet

 And here's the hilarious result: now who's going to clean up the mess?


The nightmare of every person who's in a hurry to go to work in the morning ...

Is there a worse misfortune than this? 

Can you guess what happened?

image: Reddit

A bottle of sweet and sour sauce exploded in my bag ... here's the wonderful result inside my headphone case! 


I have the impression that I'm going to need a larger container

image: Reddit

 How to start the day positively: cheers!

A row of shivering cars ...

 This is the result of a cold night of freezing rain in Russia!


This shot is absolutely incredible!

The repentant author of the photo says: "I told my daughter to take a shower instead of rinsing her hair immediately after dyeing it. Big mistake!" 

When they say...rapid delivery!

image: Facebook

 Maybe a little too fast for our tastes ...

I knew living in South Africa wasn't going to be easy ...

 But I certainly had no idea that I would find some lionesses saying good morning outside the house!

The neighbor's tree is always greener ...

And, probably, too nosy too: here's our bedroom this morning after the thunderous noise we heard coming from outside the house!

I had been trying to grow tomatoes at home for months and months ....

After weeks of sacrifice, here is the (miserable) result! 

While I was away from home, the apocalypse happened!

 Who could it have been?

A dad who bitterly regretted his decision ...

The author of this funny shot said: "I think my father regretted his decision to clean the gutters with a leaf blower, don't you agree?" 


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