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Elderly man uses a hair dryer as a "speed…
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Elderly man uses a hair dryer as a "speed camera" to slow down cars that are going too fast

September 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Forget the nice old men who stay at home all the time enjoying their retirement, today we want to tell you the incredible story of a 74-year-old man who, fed up with making constant complaints to the municipal administration of his town, decided to take his destiny into his own hands and to act alone, with or without the approval of the Municipality. And what he has done now is going viral around the world, as many people have applauded him for his tenacity and courage!

via: SVT.se

Efter att ha irriterat sig på fortkörare i många år fick Ulf Schwerin en dag nog...

Pubblicato da SVT Nyheter su Venerdì 14 agosto 2020

His name is Ulf Schwerin, he is 74 years old and lives in the Swedish town of Stora Mellösa, and according to his testimony, he noticed that the cars were travelling at a speed far too high for the standards and city laws that should have been applied: according to what Ulf said, the limit should be 30 km / h, but apparently no driver seems to respect this limit imposed by law. So what to do you do when not even the municipal administration wants to lend a hand and listen to the complaints of an elderly citizen?

Ulf had a brilliant idea: he took a hairdryer, positioned himself on the side of the roadway where the cars were speeding by and started pointing the hairdryer at the cars passing by, sowing panic among the cars. drivers!

image: SVT.se

On the first day, for at least an hour and a half, Ulf managed to slow down the cars that were driving at a speed much higher than the preset 30 km / h, since many drivers were initially frightened by the presence of Ulf on the side of the roadway : with that hair dryer pointed at their car, it really looked like a real traffic calming camera, putting them in fear of getting a ticket.

Ulf Schwerin's do-it-yourself experiment has been so successful on the web that now other Swedish towns in the surrounding area have also called on him to position himself at the edge of the carriageway of residential areas where their are speed limits for public safety and to do so as an aid to slowing down traffic, in the company of his inevitable hairdryer.

Don't you also think that this is a decidedly brilliant idea? We hope that the rest of the world will also notice Ulf Schwerin!


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