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Her husband is too ugly and so she conceives…
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Her husband is too ugly and so she conceives children with her ex-boyfriend: she didn't want them to be born looking like their father

September 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Most of the people who decide to get married do it for love, a feeling so strong that it manages to overcome any flaw in your partner; it doesn't matter that your life partner is beautiful, handsome or does not reflect the traditional canons of beauty that society unfortunately imposes on us, the love we feel for this person is exceptionally deep, and everything else takes a back seat. But for this anonymous woman who raised a lot of discussion about her choice her, it wasn't like that at all.

The woman told in a long letter to Radio Hitz FM in Accra that she had caused a disaster in her family; the anonymous author of the letter began by saying that she got married to her husband not because of his good looks (in fact she always found him rather ugly), but because he was an intelligent person, rich, with a great job; in short, an excellent match. The situation got complicated when the man asked his wife to have children, but she couldn't allow them to be born as ugly as their father was, and so she came up with a brilliant but at the same time diabolical idea.

She heard from her ex-boyfriend after a long time and decided to "cheat" on her husband, over a prolonged period; when the woman became pregnant over and over again over the years, no one knew that those children she was carrying were not her husband's but her ex-boyfriend's. Only the woman herself knew, who just didn't want them to be born as ugly as their "father".

And if the three children, a fourth on the way, were all a reflection of the mother, the same could not be said of the father; therefore, the situation for the woman was further complicated when her husband decided to obtain a visa for the United States; to get it, her whole family would have to undergo a DNA test, which in that case would have revealed once and for all that her four children were not her husbands. The woman, in a panic, no longer knew what to do and for this reason she wrote a very long letter to the Accra Radio to tell about her difficult "family" past and to ask for their advice.

We don't know if in the end the DNA test was done on all members of her family or not, but many radio listeners certainly distanced themselves from the woman's choices and expressed solidarity with her unsuspecting husband. What advice would you have to give this panicked mother?



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