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Like peas in a pod: 16 ordinary people…
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Like peas in a pod: 16 ordinary people who are the unconscious doubles of famous people

May 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

They say that every person who lives or has lived in this world has an almost identical twin somewhere on the planet, a perfect double of our physiological features: same hair, same eye color, same height, maybe even the same weight. Many of these people, however, do not realize that, to go and locate their look-alike in the world, there is no need to take a plane and travel far: just turn on the TV or surf the internet to discover that we could be a perfect double for celebrities from cinema and television, or other personalities that everyone talks about. For you, we have selected the most incredible similarities found on the web!

I don't know about you, but I think I've seen this guy before ....

image: Imgur

Hey, it's a carbon copy of George Clooney!

This Russian man still can't understand why everyone is staring at him ...

He's practically indistinguishable from Hugh Laurie, the famous Doctor House on television.


It's practically impossible not to confuse this guy with...

image: Imgur

...the famous American comedian Jim Carrey!

We've made a disconcerting discovery...

image: Reddit

The famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio works for the interior ministry in Russia!

Ladies and gentleman, we present the Mexican Barack Obama!

image: Imgur

He's so similar that we are left open mouthed!


How great to be served by non other than an Oscar winning actor...

image: Reddit

Didn't you know that Morgan Freeman works part time in a diner?

The reincarnation of Albert Einstein

image: Imgur

This taxi driver is incredibly similar to the German genius!


Do you remember the fantastic Up, by Disney?

image: Z3F/Reddit

Look here, at this elderly gentleman who is a carbon copy of the main character!

He hasn't recovered from the failure of his prehistoric park...

image: Reddit

Isn't he the perfect double of Hammond, the creator of the legendary Jurassic Park?


These three are practically the doubles of the three Twilight stars!

image: Imgur

We give you the doubles of Edward, Bella and Jacob!

A woman who would unwittingly attract the attention of all Quentin Tarantino fans ...

She has the same suit as Uma Thurman in Kill Bill!

He works in an airport, but resembles a character who is much loved, and much hated at the same time...

Yes, it's a copy of Professor Snape from the Harry Potter movies.

Impossible, this old woman on the train can only be ...

image: Imgur

The grandma from Sylvester and Tweety-Pie: she's identical!

This young model comes from Sweden and has become very popular in his home country...

And we understand perfectly why: he's the spitting image of Leonardo DiCaprio!

A Brazilian Danny DeVito...

Almost everyone wants to have a selfie taken with him!

That smile looks familiar...

image: Imgur

He's a carbon copy of Matt Damon, don't you think?


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