The triumph of bad taste: 15 design ideas that made us scratch our heads in wonder

by Alison Forde

August 25, 2021

The triumph of bad taste: 15 design ideas that made us scratch our heads in wonder

Every day we leave the house and use our eyes to look around with curiosity and with very specific objectives; whether it is simply to leave the house to buy the groceries or to go to a clothes shop, a shopping center or to take a relaxing walk, we can happen upon some really strange sights. And by strange we refer to places, buildings, people, items of clothing that seem to have lost all reference to good taste. Of course, you will say that what is beautiful is not objective but what you like is beautiful, yet these images that we have found on the web seem to suggest the opposite: there is no end to the cult of ugliness and bad taste!

Don't believe it? Just take a look at this hilarious and absurd photo gallery where the design idea seems to have been literally taken out of the trash!


A toilet which leaves nothing to the imagination...

 Would you sit on such a toilet to perform a call of nature? 


More than just a brilliant T-Shirt, it's a real invitation to search for the secret code ....

 These days, it could also be an extremely comfortable clothing solution!

I'd never wear these but...

 Let's face it: there's some genius behind this fantastic and hilarious piece of design!

An old style sofa

 Perhaps a little too old style, don't you think?

Would you sleep in a giant sock?

 Well, if you would, now you can!


A perfect pair of jeans for all those who...

...didn't manage to get to the bathroom on time! 

A table for seal lovers?

 This curious coffee table complete with sea life in the center could be for you!


A solution for everyday life that we just had to share!

 Extreme solutions for extreme problems!

No, you're not seeing things...

Those are very curious earbuds for listening to music or excluding outside noise when you want to read in peace!


A lampshade which is impossible to ignore...

 An essential masterpiece to have at home for all lovers of kitsch!

A brilliant solution!

 Do you want to work at your pc in peace and without the risk of contagion? Problem solved!


We would never dare to enter a public bathroom like that ...

 We would have already fled with ... arms raised!

Can anyone explain the point of this slide?

 We just don't get it. How about you?


The perfect idea that combines a passion for nails and dental hygiene ....

 If you really don't know how to brush your teeth while you are away from home...

We are literally stunned!

 Why on earth would we just cover our noses?