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"That's not what I ordered!": 16 purchases…
A mother makes her son eat sand and lick the shopping cart:

"That's not what I ordered!": 16 purchases that failed to live up to people's expectations

May 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Have you ever bought an item on the internet only to be really disappointed when it arrives? We know, the images sold you something magnificant and you were convinced carried away with enthusiasm over your purchase. In fact, this also happens when we go to a store or supermarket and try out a new product for the first time. What happens in the end is that we are either extremely disappointed or bitterly regret the purchase we made.

For this reason, we have selected for you some of the funniest images of ordinary people who bitterly regretted what they bought because, quite simply, it didn't match their expectations!

A classic case of the contents not matching up to the packaging ...

But we ask ourselves: why do the images on the packaging always have to be so misleading?

It looked like the perfect living room, with perfect paintings, and instead ...

This is what was delivered, to my immense disappointment: now what?


Be wary of internet shopping!

It looked cute and cuddly, instead the one which arrived seems slightly menacing!

I specifically asked for a courtyard with an outdoor fireplace ...

This is what I found: how sad!

My cat is definitely extra large, which is why I ordered the XL version of this Christmas cat bed ...

However, my cat must be extra - extra large. Now I need to return the christmas tree bed for a refund!


On the left, the advertising image for this inflatable pool ....

... on the right, the sad reality for the person who ordered it on the web and was deeply disappointed!

Never trust promotional images on frozen foods ...

You risk being very, very disappointed!


I was so excited about the arrival of the new rug for my cat that ....

... I can no longer find the words to express my disappointment: it's not what I expected!

We had ordered a giant bear for our son (the one on the left) ...

... but we didn't know that a monster that looked like something out of a horror movie would arrive at our house!


I had ordered a pair of biker boots on Amazon ...

image: Reddit

... but they're not exactly what I expected: what a bitter disappointment!

A situation we have all been in ....

The advertisement promises a fat and tasty burger ... too bad the reality is a big let down!

Do you see a difference between the shoes I ordered and those that were delivered?

Now I'm going to file a complaint against the production company!

It was supposed to be a big squishy panda ....

... instead it turned out to be a terrific disappointment: but does it seem right to receive a tiny panda like this, when you look at the advertisement?

It was supposed to be birthday cake for our daughter's birthday...

Instead it's a nightmare cake: I won't be going back to that bakery.

A rather surprising poncho!

It's certainly not what was ordered, but...it's better than nothing I guess!


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