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11 DIY automatic irrigation systems…
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11 DIY automatic irrigation systems that make gardening even easier

May 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Creating a small garden, but also setting up a green corner on your balcony, means making a big commitment, namely, that of keeping it alive for a long time, therefore, you will need to water it regularly. Especially in the summer, this could be a problem considering that a vacation normally lasts longer than just a few days.

If you do not have anyone who can take care of your plants in your absence, you will need to equip yourself with an autonomous irrigation system.  Would you like a do-it-yourself (DIY project)? Here are several ideas from which to take inspiration!

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This irrigation system reuses the water produced by the domestic air conditioning system, which otherwise would be dispersed in the ground or channeled into the storm drains.

image: instructables

You can use plastic or glass bottles to irrigate your plants: just drill a hole in the cap and turn the bottle upside down.


Even a large water cooler bottle can be recycled into an irrigation system.

You will have to cut the bottle at neck level, drill holes in the side walls and next pour in the soil together with the plant to be watered. Then, you have to fill the other part of the container with water, and cover it with the first piece like a lid.

Tomatoes are plants that have specific water requirements. Consequently, to guarantee the right quantity, you can plant them in these plastic containers, following the diagram below.

image: lifehacker

If you live in an apartment you could think of planting strawberry plants and tomatoes upside down. In this way, watering them will be very easy, for example using the drip method.

image: instructables

Obtain two transparent plastic containers of the same size. Drill a hole in one and pass lanyards through the holes and cover them in part with the soil. Fill the other container with water and make sure that the lanyards can transfer the water from the first to the second container.

image: instructables

 This system also uses a double bottom in the container to ensure the plant gets the correct amount of water.

image: frugalupstate

 Get the biggest containers you can find and create a double bottom then fill it with water.

image: networx

There is no need to buy specific equipment for automatic irrigation because you can even use a common planter pot.

If you love upcycling, here is a way to find a second life for plastic bottles and, at the same time, take care of plants even if you are far away!

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