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12 ways to arrange the flower pots in…
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12 ways to arrange the flower pots in your garden that you have never thought of before

March 27, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Taking care of your garden, but also just a green corner in your house is extremely relaxing.

The goal, however, is also to create something beautiful to look at, as well as practical, that can also be taken care of easily.

If you are thinking of organizing your green space or of arranging your flower pots in a different way than usual then take a look at these wonderful ideas.

They can all be realized with very little expenditure and effort --- and in almost no time! Which one is your favorite?

Plastic piping can be used in gardening and the best part is that they can be completely customized!

One of the thousands of creations that can be achieved with quick-setting cement.


A simple colored wooden pallet gives joy to the whole terrace!

A bench framed by two beautiful fruit plants.

For those who love smilies!


Your trusted gardening partner!

Simple stripes of color make the concrete blocks look really pretty.


A simple tub can decorate your garden.

How about offering some hospitality to a little bird?


A column of vases ... poised in perfect equilibium!

A very attractive collage of flower pots!

Definitely a very curious rabbit ...

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