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A horse approaches a woman in a wheelchair…
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A horse approaches a woman in a wheelchair and what follows captivates the spectators!

August 11, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Lauren Barwick is a Canadian woman with a difficult personal story behind her but one that is also full of hope and love for life.

When she was only a child, she began to show a particular fondness for horses and dreamed of working one day with these beautiful animals.

And so it came to be! In fact, growing up, Lauren became a promising horse trainer, and everyone - herself, included, was convinced that this would be her profession. But fate had reserved something different for her.

One day, when it was little more than a girl, a bale of hay weighing 198 lbs (90 kg) fell on her, breaking her back and leaving her instantly paralyzed.

Imagine what it meant for a girl used to being in the open air with nature and animals, the idea of facing such a fate. Yet Lauren decided not to give up.

After a long process of physical and mental rehabilitation and many hours of practice, Lauren was able to continue working in her chosen field becoming a professional jockey and trainer. She moves around in a wheelchair, but this does not prevent her from communicating with her horse and completing all the routines that she wants to perform.

In this video you will see her communicate with her beautiful horse, which follows her directions to the letter, performing all the typical routines of equestrian dressage. Shortly thereafter, Lauren climbs into the saddle and the two start galloping --- the woman and her beautiful horse move in unison, and in a few seconds, her disability becomes only a memory. 

Watch with your own eyes this beautiful video!

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