Firefighters warn never to leave plastic bottles in the car because they could cause fires -
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Firefighters warn never to leave plastic…
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Firefighters warn never to leave plastic bottles in the car because they could cause fires


Carrying a bottle of water with you is a healthy habit, especially in the hot months of the year.

However, at the time of the year when temperatures can rise significantly, special care must be taken not to make a mistake that has already threatened many times to turn into a tragedy.

As a matter of fact, leaving a bottle of water in a car can be extremely dangerous, to the point that firefighters themselves have launched a public appeal.


It all began when the news of a man, who like many other people, had innocently left a bottle of water in his car and went to work. 

However, during his lunch break, the man suddenly saw smoke coming out of his car and only that fortuitous coincidence made it possible to avoid the worst. The plastic bottle full of water left in his car had refracted the sunlight and focused it for a long time on one spot in the car upholstery, thereby triggering the onset of a fire. 

What happened is very similar to when you create a flame using a magnifying glass by focusing the sun's rays in one spot.

The news about this man has rebounded in every part of the world, especially because no one had ever thought of the risks that can lie behind an apparently harmless bottle of water! Therefore, in the summer months, and especially on hot days,  one should absolutely avoid leaving plastic bottles full of water on car seats or in a car in general.


In addition, there is also another reason to avoid doing this. When plastic is subjected to high temperatures - such as those that develop inside a car parked in the sun - the plastic bottle releases toxic chemicals that contaminate the water it contains. For this reason, you should prefer glass bottles or at most you should be sure to store plastic bottles of water properly, and always for a one-time use!


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