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A 3-day-old mini-horse who can't stop…
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A 3-day-old mini-horse who can't stop chasing its human friend in a paddock

June 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

We often tell stories of friendships made between men, dogs or cats. Yet these common pets are not the only ones to have the "exclusive" sweetness and affection that can arise between animals and us human beings. On the contrary: if we search carefully, we realize that in the world there are many creatures ready to become attached and to give us simply magical and memorable moments.

An example is the lovely miniature horse foal that we are about to present to you. Yes, we wrote just "miniature horse" and not pony, because this animal is part of a breed that biologically is closer to a horse than to a pony, and is obviously characterized by its small size. The harmony that they can have with man is unbelievable, and here we have proof.

When the video was shot, this pet was only three days old. This did not prevent him, however, from being already awake, active and playful. Just like a dog, the horse chases a man who pretends to run away, running here and there in a paddock, and the horse makes so much effort that it is incredibly sweet and funny at the same time.

The video clearly shows how this miniature horse feels the need to "chase" his two-legged friend, while the whole scene is recorded by a woman present at the time.

The sweetness of the whole scene increases even more when the foal's mother approaches him, as if to make sure he is well, certain of his enormous fun in running after the man in the paddock. The liveliness of this pony is truly incredible and delightful, and it does not fail to wag its tail - just like a happy little dog would do - every time its friend stops to caress it.

The videos that portray the mini-horse in all its hilarious stunts have collected millions of views and thousands of likes and comments from viewers, amazed, amused and moved by such scenes. In short: a very particular, record-breaking animal that cannot leave us indifferent!

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