A disabled pup and a pigeon that doesn't know how to fly form an unlikely but wonderful friendship at the animal shelter where they reside - WTVideo.com
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A disabled pup and a pigeon that doesn't…
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A disabled pup and a pigeon that doesn't know how to fly form an unlikely but wonderful friendship at the animal shelter where they reside

March 16, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

It's usually in times of difficulty that we form the closest yet most unexpected friendships. And we're not just talking about us humans; it happens often in the animal kingdom as well. The two protagonists of our story couldn't more more different from each other. However, after finding themselves afflicted by similar health conditions, the two ended up forming an odd but beautiful relationship with each other.  

Our story takes place in Rochester, New York, where Lundy, a Chihuaua puppy, and Herman, a pigeon, were admitted to Mia Foundation, a non profit animal clinic for sick and injured animals.  

Lundy has problems walking while Herman never learned how to fly. Needless to say, the two spent a lot of time laying around together to the point that they are now inseparable. Herman is a permanent resident at the Mia foundation. Given his inability to fly, there's no way he could ever fend for himself or live with other pigeons. 

Lundy on the other hand, is unable to to walk due to spinal damage that occured before he was born. He isn't completely without mobility, however. This is why Sue Rogers, Lundy's physical therapist at the clinic, hopes that he will be able to gain back some mobility with the help of a wheelchair for dogs. 


Once the pair were introduced to each other, it didn't take long for them to realize how well they got along. Although they can't move far, Lundy and Herman have created the closest and cutest friendship in the whole clinic. In fact, the volunteers at the clinic rarely find a moment where the duo aren't cuddling with one another, or at least offering each other comfort.  

Lundy and Herman's friendship might be odd, but it's one that will get them through their time of difficulty. We should also thank the foundation for bringing the two of them together. If it weren't for them, and the thousands of other animal shelters out there, many sick and injured animals would perish and be utterly alone. 

Way to go Mia Foundation for caring for all animals and with helping them form friendships that last a lifetime! 


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