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He builds a comfortable "bicycle bed"…
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He builds a comfortable "bicycle bed" for his dog: the animal's expression repays his effort

By Alison Forde

There are people who would really do anything for their four-legged friends. The mutual affection that a human being and a dog can feel is a unique and special feeling, made of trust, unconditional love, loyalty and closeness: characteristics that sometimes even among us human beings we are unable to satisfy.

If you don't believe it completely, the photo that we present to you, and that has gone around the web, will make you think again. A shot that perfectly portrays the happiness of a dog with its elderly owner. To make him happy, the man got busy and made a very special bicycle bed for him!

At first glance, we are sure that any dog who loves to walk with his human friends would like one: a "bed" made specifically to go around by bike while being transported here and there. This is exactly what Oscar, an Argentine, made for Bobby, his lovely dog, who could not hold back an expression of bliss, which was, to say the least, priceless.

Of course, the "bed" for dogs designed and built by this man is not the best in terms of safety. It is good to remember, in fact, that transporting an animal in this way, especially on the front of the bike, can be quite risky. However, for the love of our faithful four-legged companions we would do this and more, and we are sure that Oscar has acted precisely with this intention.

By attaching a large piece of sponge and a basket to his bicycle, this elderly guy really knew how to make Bobby radiant: his expression while enjoying the wind during the ride says more than a thousand words. With little, his human friend has done a lot.

The scene did not go unnoticed, and it attracted the attention of many neighbors, who asked him worried if he was carrying Bobby so because he was sick. "No - Oscar replied - he simply likes to take a ride in comfort, and I made him content." No need to add anything else, is it?

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April 16, 2014

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