Cute little dog helps his mistress with…
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Cute little dog helps his mistress with the shopping by carrying a pot between her teeth

August 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Since ancient times there has always been a great debate regarding animals and their capacity for rationality. There are those who say that they do not have any and that they approach life guided by their instincts, and there are those who, on the other hand, firmly believe that some animals, such as dogs for example, are intelligent enough to understand how to behave in certain situations. In fact, the story of this Colombian dog that we are about to tell you made us think, because he was seen and filmed while behaving like a real human being: he was helping his human him to carry the shopping.

A scene which made us all say...awww

In the video posted by a girl on TikTok, we see the little dog busy carrying a kind of pot behind his mistress, who meanwhile walks in front of him with two shopping bags in her hands. The scene quickly went viral and was made even more fun by being accompanied by the iconic Disney Toy Story song, "You have a friend in me," in the Spanish version.

We don't know if the weight carried by the dog is heavy or not, but looking at it, this adorable little furry dog does not seem tired at all, on the contrary: he walks happily behind his human without stopping even for a second. Whether it's intelligence or a simple instinct due to gratitude towards the woman, it seems quite evident to us that the little dog has understood how important his help can be for her, that she will surely know how to reward him for his faithful service.

Predictably, the video has made the rounds of the web and has been disseminated, as well as on video sharing platforms, also on many other sites. There was no lack of comments from users who praise the little dog and his great help for his human.

After all, it's not every day that we see such a scene!



This story gives us a new example of why dogs are considered man's best friend. And if someone still exists, out there, who thinks otherwise, reading this story might make them change their minds.

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