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16 cute dogs to make you smile
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16 cute dogs to make you smile

October 13, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Our dogs know how to give us so much, day by day, hour after hour. In many situations they are simply irreplaceable, with their unconditional affection, their lovableness and their ability to cheer us up even in the darkest moments.

Although they are full of positivity, it is also true that sometimes they behave in rather unusual ways, so much so that we remain incredulous, almost as if something is wrong. In fact that's just the way they are, and no matter what we might think, if they decide to make funny faces, sit in the most unusual places and positions, or even hug all the dogs they meet, they will do as they please. Don't believe it? Then take a look at the photos below: it's impossible not to smile when faced with these 4-legged jokers!

1. Every now and then he makes this face: what is he trying to tell me?

2. We are now convinced that he thinks he is a bat rather than a dog ...


3. When he falls asleep like this it is so sweet that we have to immortalise it!

4. Have you ever seen a ... dog in boots?

5. He fell asleep there as soon as we got to the hotel


6. I didn't think they would both fit in!

image: Imgur

7. "Water for your pets": he gets the idea!


8. A few days ago he decided to park himself there ... it's quite embarrassing and annoying!

9. A real actor!


10. When he sits there with his front legs crossed just like a cat: identity crisis?

11. Our puppy is a recent arrival but he already seems tired of his "big sister's" playful attitude

image: reddit

12. Is that a dog or a polar bear knocking on my door?

13. Whenever he meets another dog on our walk he feels compelled to hug him like that

14. He's growing up, and soon his face won't fit in there anymore ...

15. No, it's not a stuffed toy: my dog sleeps just like this!

16. Who knows when he'll understand that that tennis ball is fixed there: right now he's trying to take it away with all his strength and doesn't want to give up.

Do you know any prankster dogs like these?

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