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When sleep gets the upper hand anything…
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When sleep gets the upper hand anything can happen. See 20 dogs that have fallen asleep in the strangest positions


The activities and games that our dogs participate in every day are real "jobs" for them. It seems absurd, but that's the truth.

In fact, just like us humans, dogs burn a lot of energy during the day, especially if they are particularly lively and playful four-legged friends!

Consequently, exactly like what happens to us, when we are tired, it is normal that we think that it is time to get some much-needed rest!

The eye blink rate slows down, the eyes want to close, the head moves slowly sideways and maybe even the tongue sticks out ... This is nothing strange, except that for some dogs all this can happen literally anywhere!

Has it ever happened to you that your dog has fallen asleep in very unusual moments and places? If the answer is yes, do not worry, you are in good company.

The hilarious photos that we display here below show 20 dogs that, at that moment, could not help but fall deeply asleep - right then and right there!

And if you are wondering how they can be comfortable, do not worry because obviously, for them, it is perfect. Indeed, beware of disturbing them!

1. Sleeping with a smile on his face!

2. Sometimes, it's hard to find the right position ...

image: soniakaponia

3. A warm and toasty nap?

image: formight

4. Why on earth would he sleep like this?

image: atrimarco

5. It looks like he has stretched his neck making it longer!

image: smilkcake

6. At least the dog is comfortable!

image: Guygan

7. We told him not to sleep ON the couch!

image: blacksunrize

8. What exactly has happened here?

image: lifonaut

9. I get on the forklift and I find him ... like that!


10. You could say that he was very satisfied with the walk!

image: losper

11. Who knows what he is dreaming ...

image: cadencecleo

12. Together it's better!

image: turbojammer

13. Yes! This is the way he always naps!

image: vividlee

14. No comment!

15. Would you believe that he fell asleep suddenly in this position?

image: AUX1_Dub

16. Phenomenal balance!

17. First rule: No empty corners!

18. You're driving, you turn and see this ...

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