The position in which your dog sleeps reveals a lot about its state of mind! Discover what it is feeling! -
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The position in which your dog sleeps…
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The position in which your dog sleeps reveals a lot about its state of mind! Discover what it is feeling!

September 05, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Surely you have already heard of the fact that there is a connection between your sleeping position and your personality - or at least your mood or state of mind at that moment. Well, this link exists not only for people but also for animals. 

Take dogs, for example, they are the tireless guardians of our property and our homes, but when the fatigue is too much for them, then they are able to fall asleep in any position, even the most unusual, but usually, in the one they prefer.

So here are the positions for sleeping that more common among dogs, and the type of mood that usually accompanies it.

1. The snowball - lying on its stomach with its head slightly resting on its legs

It is one of the most popular positions among dogs, but beware, because usually, the animal is not sleeping deeply. In fact, this position allows it to get up quickly, and the dogs that take it are more likely just resting their eyes during their watch.

2. The pancake - lying sideways stretched out

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This position is ideal for a deep sleep and complete restoration. In fact, dogs love it because in this way they can enjoy a full and relaxing nap! Moreover, this lateral position, that leaves the vital organs "exposed" is a position of great vulnerability, and indicates that the animal feels safe and protected and knows it is surrounded by people it trusts.


3. Ball of yarn - curled up on itself

Assuming this position, dogs protect in a single move, their belly, paws, and throat, which are the most sensitive parts of their body. Usually, this indicates that the animal is worried or uneasy about something - it could also be a disturbing external noise, but sometimes this position can be used just to warm up its body.

4. The super dog --- with its head between its front legs

This is a typical position of small puppies, but that it can become a habit also for adult dogs. This position consists in letting the head rest on the floor or ground positioned between the legs. It is an indication of great energy and desire to play because, in this position, they can stand up quickly and easily and be immediately ready for a new adventure!

5. Lying on its back --- belly up

This position is the ultimate in relaxation for the dog, who lets itself surrender totally to sleep, either because it is very tired or because it is feeling completely safe and comfortable. For this reason, it is not worried about leaving its stomach and throat exposed and in addition, it is sure that at most, it will invite some caresses from its beloved owner.


6. Cockroach positon - belly up with its legs up in the air

This is a particular variation of the lying on the back position and indicates that the dog is happy, and feels safe. In addition, it is usually the calmest and most independent dogs who dare to adopt this position.

7. Here is an extra bonus position! Or you have an extremely original dog ... or it is really very very tired!

Does your dog sleep in one of these positions? Or does it belong to the unclassifiable group that uses a different position for each of its naps with postures that are always a source of laughter for you? Tell us about your four-legged friend and, if you want, send us a picture.

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