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A woman got out of her car to help a…
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A woman got out of her car to help a dog whose toy had fallen over a house fence wall


Sometimes, there are scenarios that we witness, right in front of us, to which we cannot remain indifferent or ignore!

For example, if we found ourselves near a person and we saw that an object of theirs had fallen to the ground by accident—instinctively and politely, our first reaction would be to pick it up.

Well, just think if instead of a person, all this happened to a dog and that we casually saw this as we were slowly driving down a residential street.

This is what happened to Claire Cummings, who perhaps, at first, had not even noticed that the large dog was in difficulty.

via: The Dodo

However, as she drove to a friend's house, the woman's attention was drawn to a pink pig-shaped stuffed animal toy that lay abandoned on the sidewalk.

Thinking that it was a rather unusual scene, Claire looked more closely in the rearview mirror.

And then she realized that, right above the stuffed pig toy, there was a large dog leaning out from the top of the house fence wall, that was trying in every way to recover its toy.

image: The Dodo

Somehow, the dog's stuffed pig toy had fallen over the wall and who knows how long the dog had been trying to reach it and get it back.

However, not being able to jump over the house fence wall, there was little hope of the poor animal ever being able to recuperate the toy, unless someone from outside would lend it a helping hand.

So when Claire, who has always had a soft spot for animals, understood the situation, she acted immediately.

After driving back to the house in her car, she got out and approached the dog and the house fence wall and picked up the dog's stuffed pig toy.

Needless to say, that the dog, as soon as it had managed to "hug" his beloved stuffed pig toy once again, displayed its reaction of pure joy and happiness—and it also allowed the woman to pat and caress it a few moments.

So, in the end, this large and gentle dog was able to go back into the garden behind the house fence wall, very happy and content to have its toy back, leaving a little joy also to Claire, personally satisfied to have improved the dog's day.

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