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A man with cancer and his dog die within…
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A man with cancer and his dog die within one hour of each other

By Cylia Queen

Daniel Hove lived a pretty extraordinary life. He served for many years in the United States Air Force and was also the head of Minneapolis's Fire Department. Perhaps more extraordinary than Daniel's career was the special bond he had with his dog, Gunner. When Daniel discovered he had pancreatic cancer, his friends and family were there to help and support him. It was his dog, however, that accompanied him on his final journey, the afterlife. 

For the past 11 years, Gunner had been by Daniel's side through every phase of his life; through the good and the bad. It's what everyone wants in a good friend or life companion, and Daniel had found it in a short-haired, golden labrador. When Daniel was diagnosed with cancer, Gunner never left his side; not even once. That's why, during the last couple years of their lives together, Daniel decided to place Gunner's bed next to his own. This way, they didn't have to be so distant from each other. It's almost as if the pair shared a symbiotic relationship with one another: when Daniel was upset, so was Gunner; when Daniel didn't feel good, Gunner didn't feel good either. 

One day, Daniel's daughter, Heather, noticed that Gunner wasn't strong enough to get out of his own bed. That's when she knew that the time had almost come for Gunner and her father to leave this world. 

She took Gunner to the veterinarian to have him euthanized so that he wouldn't have to be in pain any longer. With Gunner gone, she knew it was only a matter of time before her father would follow. Not even two hours later, Daniel took his last breath. It was a shock to his family, but perhaps Gunner's death was the push that Daniel needed to be at peace with dying. They do know one thing for sure: now Daniel and Gunner are together forever.    

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