Man frees wild horse who got tangled…
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Man frees wild horse who got tangled up in a chain: horse thanks him with a "kiss"

July 07, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Sometimes people treat animals badly. We're not just talking about pets either. Unfortunately, animals who live in the wild are often victims of animal cruelty, too. No matter what the situation is, it's always sad to see a poor, defenseless creature treated badly. 

Luckily, there are people in the world who dedicate their lives to fighting against animal cruelty. They sacrifice a lot of their free time so that the animals they save can have better lives far away from the people who harmed them. These people, obviously, don't expect anything in return from the animals; they do it because they care. Every now and then, they get a surprise "thank you" from their furry friends. Like the surprise "kiss" this man received after rescuing a wild horse.   

Our story takes place in Romania, where a man rescued a wild horse after someone had tied its hind legs with chains. In the past, it was common pratice to tie chains around a wild horse's legs in order to domesticate it. With the chains tied at its hind legs, the horse is unable to get very far and, thus, easier to break. It's a custom that has become less popular over the years given it leaves lesions and other wounds around the horse's legs. That doesn't stop some people, however, from still practicing it.  

One animal organization, Four Paws, sees this practice as particularly cruel and is doing all they can to stop it from occurring. During one of their rescues, one of the organization's veterinarians rescued a wild horse after having his hind legs bound by someone. He tried so hard to get free himself that he suffered several deep cuts and lesions. Once the veterinarian removed those chains, the horse did the unthinkable. Instead of running away from him, he gave him a "kiss" of gratitude on the cheek. 


In the video that they took of the veterinarian, Ovidiu Rosu, and the wild horse, they mention that they had given the horse a sedative before removing the chains from his legs. Perhaps this is why the horse felt calm and comfortable enough to give Rosu a kiss. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: the horse was highly grateful to Rosu for what he had done for him. And it shows! 

Another horse can be seen in the video, and it looks like he or she is waiting in line to do the same thing! If this video does nothing else, it surely demonstrates animals' capability of showing emotion and gratitude, just like us humans. We also hope that, with videos like this, more and more people will realize that practices such as this one (binding horses' legs) are cruel and should no longer be practiced. We should want to love and treat animals nicely, not hurt them or make them suffer. 

To watch the video of the wild horse kissing Rosu, click on the link below: 


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