Bridleless Freestyle Reining Competition -- Amazing! -
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Bridleless Freestyle Reining Competition…
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Bridleless Freestyle Reining Competition -- Amazing!

October 22, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

She is one of the most famous horseback riders in America and has won countless titles in equestrianism.

Therefore, the incredible performance that Stacy Westfall gave together with her steed Vaquero once again left the audience ecstatic when she competed and won the 2011 All American Quarter Horse Congress Bridleless Freestyle competition. 

In fact, Westfall demonstrated a skill and harmony with Vaquero that makes even the best horse whispers marvel at what she is able to do. 

Here in this video, Westfall completely captivates the audience as she guides her horse Vaquero in a majestic performance without the use of a bridle to the tune of a famous Celine Dion song.


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