The mother-in-law pierces her granddaughter's ears without her mother's consent, sparking a furious quarrel -
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The mother-in-law pierces her granddaughter's…
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The mother-in-law pierces her granddaughter's ears without her mother's consent, sparking a furious quarrel

May 24, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Not all mothers are lucky enough to have a caring and lovable mother-in-law, as we all wish they were; a mother-in-law who does not raise her eyes to heaven regarding any choice or decision not directly approved, a mother-in-law who knows how to stay in her place without being intrusive: in short, the dream of every married woman. Unfortunately it can happen, especially when a child is involved, that the family situation suddenly becomes more tense than usual, precisely because of these frictions between the mother-in-law and her son's wife. A mother decided to share her story to let off steam in a situation like this, after her mother-in-law consciously violated her will regarding an important decision: whether or not to pierce the ears of her little girl. The mother had always expressed without half measures her opinion contrary to this practice, but the mother-in-law wanted to ignore it and do her own thing, unbeknownst to everyone.

via: Reddit
image: Pxhere

Wouldn't you be furious if your mother-in-law took your tiny daughter to get her ears pierced secretly? We are certainly not talking about a teenager who is helped by her grandmother to pierce her ears, but about a very small girl who still has no decision-making power. The woman felt "violated" by this impulsive decision by her mother-in-law who did not respect her will in the least; after arguing furiously, the woman took out her daughter's earrings claiming that she herself would decide, when her daughter was growing up, whether to get her ears pierced or not.

As she explained in an online outburst, the woman is married to an Indian man and both clearly have very different cultural backgrounds. There are things that cannot be shared by her culture on which the woman has had to put down limits, while on other issues the two agree strongly. But more than the two of them, it is his family that creates problems in this regard.

image: Pixabay

Piercing the ears of newly born girls is an integral part of the culture of the woman's husband, a cultural aspect, however, that cannot be shared, especially because it will only be pain that will be recalled by this early experience. In addition, it is better that the child herself, once she is an adult, decides whether to wear earrings or not. Respecting the cultures of others is very important, so much so that the mother of the little girl questioned herself and asked for opinions online to better understand if she had had an unusual reaction. Everyone agreed that things should not be done behind the backs of others - an attitude of this kind, in fact, has nothing to do with cultural diversity!


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