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A girl with Down syndrome graduates…
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A girl with Down syndrome graduates in Fine Art: her father shares his pride with everyone

May 30, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Nothing is impossible if we believe in what we do. It is not a foregone or rhetorical concept, but a motivational proposition that can guide us through even the toughest situations. The challenges that life puts before us may be numerous, but passion, courage and goodwill often manage to make a difference.

Rachel, the girl we are going to tell you about, knows this well. For her, since birth, life has certainly not been a walk in the park, having come into the world with Down Syndrome. A disability that, however, has never hindered her in her dreams and hopes, pursued to the end and in a simply exemplary way.

Always passionate about art and photography, Rachel, with the invaluable support of her family, began studying at the Institute of Arts of California (CalArts). There, her career has been a continuous success, so much so that she has achieved, with excellent results, a degree in Fine Art, with a specialization in photography and media communication.

A milestone that made Father Jay naturally - and rightly so - proud of her. For years, this man has dedicated himself to carrying out campaigns that encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities in the most varied social environments, in the name of equal rights which, despite the great progress made almost everywhere, is not yet taken for granted.


To let the world know how happy he is with "his" girl's result, Jay shared his good spirits on Twitter, calling himself the "proudest father on the planet". It is not at all easy, for people born with Down Syndrome, to get to graduate as Rachel did. Often, in fact, the difficulties, discrimination and the treatment received do not encourage these people to go on as far as they could. 

Rachel, on the other hand,has self belief, also exhibiting her photographs at various public events. All that remains is to compliment her, and to hope that her story will serve many less fortunate people as an example of courage, tenacity and willpower.

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