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A 15-year-old girl cycled 1000 km to…
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A 15-year-old girl cycled 1000 km to retrieve her sick father, who was left without a job due to the lockdown

May 28, 2020 • By Alison Forde

In India, the closure of all activities due to Covid-19 has caused large migratory waves of workers who have returned to their regions of origin, as they have been unable to continue working. In most cases, these are poor people who live day to day and therefore cannot afford to pay for transportation on a bus or plane. And so, they undertake journeys of thousands of kilometers on foot.

What we bring you today is a story full of positivity: a 15-year-old girl traveled 1000 km by bicycle to pick up and bring her father home, who had been left without work due to the lockdown.

The story we want to talk about features a 15-year-old girl named Jyoti, who traveled 1000 km by bicycle in 7 days, to pick up her father who worked by renting an electric rickshaw. The man had had an accident shortly before the lockdown and was unable to undertake the long journey on foot. On the other hand, he could not stay in the city where he worked, as he no longer even had the money to eat.

So the daughter taking advantage of the reduction in traffic has stubbornly got in the saddle to bring the father home, at the cost of traveling between 100 and 150 kilometers per day, covering a total of one thousand kilometers in a week. The girl encountered many difficulties during the trip, but she never lost sight of her goal. When she was tired she rested on the roadside next to the bicycle.

On their return, people who saw them pedaling offered food and fresh water to refresh them. The two have finally reached their village of origin where, despite the lack of money, they will at least be able to count on the unity of the family.

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