In the indifference of the other passengers, a boy gives his seat to a pregnant woman on the subway -
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In the indifference of the other passengers,…
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In the indifference of the other passengers, a boy gives his seat to a pregnant woman on the subway

By Alison Forde

It is not uncommon for adults of a certain age to complain about the ways and attitudes of young people, considered by many to be disrespectful and lacking in values. In reality, as in all things in life, not all young people are the same, and it is often advisable to evaluate case by case before making hasty judgments. Especially since, considering the episode we are about to tell you, these prejudices could easily be contradicted.

The protagonist here is in fact a boy who, in a situation of substantial indifference from adults, gave a useful lesson to many people, also those older than him.

We are in Malaysia, aboard a subway car. Here, under the incredibly indifferent eyes of many people, a pregnant woman was forced to travel standing on her feet, without any of the sitting people politely giving her place.

A scene and a gesture that perhaps many of us have faced, traveling on public transport: sometimes people's selfishness is really something evident, shameful and unacceptable. More than the adults on the train, however, it was a child who really understood that it was time to do something humane and kind.


So, without thinking too much, he got up from his seat and invited the expectant mother to sit down. The future mother, evidently in difficulty standing in her situation, was happy to accept, thanking the young man. 

All this happened without any of the other passengers around moving a finger: as was shown by the video taken by a surveillance camera, it seems that men and women comfortably seated do not see the pregnant woman or, to be more precise, they see but decide to ignore her.

Okay ini anak siapa ni?

Pubblicato da Ally Iskandar su Mercoledì 8 agosto 2018

The gesture of humanity and kindness by the little gentleman quickly made the rounds of the web, collecting many comments of appreciation, combined with as many criticisms of the indifference of the passengers who did not offer a seat to the future mother. All that remains is to congratulate the boy, who certainly understood the profound meaning of good manners better than many adults! 


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