This impoverished boy had to cross a river to go to school every day: today he studies at Harvard -
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This impoverished boy had to cross a…
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This impoverished boy had to cross a river to go to school every day: today he studies at Harvard

May 30, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Despite the fact that life sometimes brings us great difficulties, we should try not to let ourselves be overwhelmed by them. With great willpower you can overcome obstacles that were believed to be insurmountable and you can even change your life if you only desire it ardently. Romnick L. Blanco is a Filipino boy from an extremely poor family, but who, despite everything, has been able to grit his teeth to achieve very important goals. Romnick has always studied, at the behest of his own family, but he had to cross a river on foot to reach his school; today, after several years, he graduated having studied at one of the most prestigious universities in the world: Harvard.

Romnick comes from an extremely poor peasant family. Precisely because of their condition, the father has always wanted Romnick to take his studies seriously and to finish them, unlike his other brothers and sisters. It was certainly not easy for the boy to have to cross a river, risking drowning, every day of his life to go to school, but in the end his perseverance was rewarded. 

Romnick received the support of the GreenEarth Heritage Foundation thanks to his hard work and perseverance. The Foundation allowed him to access English and computer lessons, as well as to attend a school in Manila, thanks to a scholarship; there, the boy graduated with full marks and honors - an important milestone that has opened the doors of the most prestigious universities in the world to him.


The boy was able to choose which scholarship to accept, from a series of very important universities. In the end, his choice fell on Harvard.

Romnick managed to change his living conditions in an incredible way: "Either I was drowning in that river or in poverty" remembers the boy who today, while not forgetting his origins, has finished his studies with great success.



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