Zara and the big names in fashion are converting their clothing production into masks and gowns -
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Zara and the big names in fashion are…
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Zara and the big names in fashion are converting their clothing production into masks and gowns

By Alison Forde

By now the Coronavirus epidemic has spread to many countries and many are organizing themselves with initiatives and gestures of solidarity, to bring concrete and timely help. The big names in international fashion are making numerous donations - Valentino, for example, has donated 2 million euros to the Sacco in Milan and to Civil Protection - while other important names have decided to suspend their production in favor of masks and gowns to be donated to doctors and nurses who fight on the front lines every day against Covid-19. Zara, the well-known Spanish brand, has converted its clothing production into masks, gloves and gowns to give to doctors and nurses.

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The founder of the Inditex group, which includes the well-known Spanish clothing brand "Zara", has announced that it will convert its clothing supply chains into factories specializing in the manufacture of sanitary products, such as masks, gloves and gowns. The company had already donated 10,000 masks, while another 300,000 are waiting to be received. Spain, after Italy, is the country most affected by the Coronavirus; especially the city of Madrid seems to be under siege. 

Zara, therefore, is trying, like many other successful brands, to contribute to the supply of textile material in Spain, helping the government as much as possible in an incredible emergency situation like the one we are experiencing.

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