This kid has 3D printed ear protection that relieves the pain of doctors and nurses -
This kid has 3D printed ear protection…
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This kid has 3D printed ear protection that relieves the pain of doctors and nurses

April 14, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are many sacrifices and heroic acts that, every day, many workers and ordinary citizens perform in the hope of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel of this historical period strongly influenced by the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic. The majority of the population is required to stay at home and, in this total immobility lies the "heroic gesture": a small effort not only not to get sick, but also to be able not to burden the health system of your country which, right now,  is definitely under siege. Then there are those who have to go to work every day, guaranteeing a minimum of normality and functionality to our current world: garbage collectors, doctors, nurses, couriers, cleaners, cashiers in supermarkets, electricians, plumbers ... in short, all those who are indispensable and who, with their work, contribute to keeping us stable.

In Canada, a boy decided to actively contribute to the fight against Covid-19 by responding to the appeal from the local hospital in his city.

Quinn Callander is a young boy scout who wanted to respond to the request for help from the hospital in his city. His idea was to alleviate, at least a little, the daily pain that doctors and nurses feel during their grueling shifts - pain mainly due to the wearing of medical devices such as, for example, masks and heavy protection to be worn over the lab coats . All the protective clothing worn is, unfortunately, necessary if every day you have to fight on the front line against the terrible virus.

So young Quinn has devised a small and useful tool capable of safeguarding the ears and skin of every doctor or nurse forced to wear a mask. After hours and hours of wearing a protective mask, the first signs appear on the skin; in the long run, also the physical conditions you are subjected to can become exhausting. So Quinn, thanks to his 3D printer, created a kind of "extension" for the masks: a simple piece of plastic to attach the ends of the mask, to prevent it slipping behind the ears, pressing and wearing down the skin of the doctor / nurse.

image: Thingsverse

Quinn's mom told of her son's great idea with a Facebook post and didn't think twice about sharing the file for the ingenious tool: in this way, anyone can 3D print infinite pieces to donate to hospitals.

 An idea which is simple and ingenious at the same time, which could alleviate the physical suffering of many workers in this period.



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