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10 heartwarming images of people visiting…
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10 heartwarming images of people visiting their loved ones in quarantine outside their windowsills

April 01, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

"Distant but United" is a phrase that's been passed around social media a number of times, lately. With millions of people experiencing quarantine around the globe, you could say that the Coronavirus is doing its best to keep people and their loved ones apart. Although time away from our friends and family hasn't been easy, it's a sacrifice we should be willing to take if we want to keep ourselves and others healthy.

Believe it or not, some people have actually found a way to visit their loved ones during the Coronavirus outbreak. We should point out, however, that the people in the below images live in areas where fewer government restrictions are in place. This means that if they are in good health, they still have the ability to leave their homes. For those whose health is at risk, however, they are suggested to self-quarantine and not let anyone who doesn't already live with them inside their homes. 

For those healthy people who didn't want to miss out on special moments with their loved ones in quarantine, the following pictures demonstrate exactly how they were able to make these visits happen. They may have had 2-3 inches of glass separating them, but these images warmed our hearts nonetheless! 

Three generations of separation

image: emmabethgall

Husband and wife that finally get to see each other after a long period apart

image: ChocoLolita

"My mom is in quarantine after suffering a fracture, so my dad decided to spend some time with her... through the window."

Grandparent's meeting their grandson for the first time during the Coronavirus outbreak

image: Hannah Levins

This man's granddaughter couldn't resist telling him about her engagement, so she stood outside his retirement home's window to show off her ring!

This man's retirement home wouldn't let visitors in, so his son talked to him on the phone... while sitting outside his living room window

This grandmother just turned 100! Since the family couldn't bring the party inside, they decided to have it outside the building, where she could watch from a safe distance

image: Cradnee

"Today's my sister's birthday, but she is currently self-quarantined... so we're celebrating through her kitchen window!"

Love between the elderly during the Covid-19 outbreak might be physically restrictive, but not emotionally!

"My grandmother was worried that she wouldn't be able to see her great-grandbabies while her retirement home was under quarantine... problem solved!"

image: Cory Blocker
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